About Us


Khon Kaen Climbing Club (KKCC) — We are a climbing community, not a company.

We formed our group aiming to enlarge the climbing community in Khon Kaen. We all work voluntarily and non-profit, including exploring cimbing area, cutting trails, developing boulder problems, bolting sport routes, developing map and topo, hosting the bouldering festival, contacting government and authorities about climbing access, teach youth to climb, and facilitating all climbing activities in Khon Kaen.


Gavriel Jecan

Gavriel is a founder of climbing development in Khon Kaen, starting about 7 years ago. He is a strong boulderer and also a professional photographer.

Matthew Foley

Matt is KKCC co-founder and he plays major role in development of sport climbing area in Dong Lan Forest, Si Chompu.

Panitan (Wan) J.

Wan is a club manager. She organizes all events and festivals, manages website, facebook page, equipment rental, marketing, government contact, and all other administration work.

Apisit (Bon) R.

Climber and photographer. He develops this website.

Meta L.

Climber. He is known as the fastest crag cleaning among us 😀

Srirat (Opor) S.

Opor helps Wan in club administration.

Warangkana (May)

Climber and our graphic designer. She contributes to our marketing materials and t-shirt design.


Climber and ER doctor. She makes sure everyone climbs safe in our big event.

Pierre Echaubard

Pierre used to live in Khon Kaen. Sadly, he moved to Krabi but he still visits us sometimes.

Joey V.

USA representative

Mark Brown

UK representative

Fredrik Sundman

Europe representative

Nuttapong (Sun)

Sun is a student at Khon Kaen University.

Paweena (Noonie)