Join us for KKBF2020 during 18-19 Jan 2020.

Having a limited number of carshpads available and manpower and because we want to make sure you have a pleasant time climbing with us,
the number of participants to the KKBF 2019 is limited to 100 climbing participants and 50 observers.


Mad Rocks presents Khon Kaen International  Bouldering Festival 2020 (#KKBF2020), organized by Khon Kaen Climbing Club (KKCC). We are a group of local and international climbers united by passion for climbing and the development of climbing in Khon Kaen. Proceeds from ticket sales and money raised from the festival will go toward climbing fund in Khon Kaen.

This year, the festival takes place at Zoolander bouldering area, a new area at the Khon Kaen Zoo, in Khon Kaen province, Northeastern Thailand.  We are authorized by the Zoo Organization to host KKBF2020 at Khon Kaen Zoo. Not only animal exhibits and wildlife conservation research center of rare breeds, the zoo is also a place that has hundreds of sandstone boulders with great potential of nearly a thounsand lines to climb. We hope that this area will soon become an international bouldering destination. KKBF2020 is intended to be better than ever, shorter duration but more effectively organized, with new areas, new problems and more participants! With the help of our sponsors, our festival will bring more than 100 climbers to Zoolander for a 2-days 1-nights of climbing, camping, adventure, fun, challenges and friendship. Our goal is to make Zoolander a climbing destination in Southeast Asia, offering a platform for meeting, learning and sharing climbing experiences and the outdoor activities.

*No pet is allowed in the zoo area.

We climb and compete for fun, friendship, and experience the outdoors.

With feedback from KKBF2019, we made adjustment to KKBF2020 as follow:
– Not only competition climb, but fun climb included. You can register for ‘fun climb’ to use our topo and crash pad and do not have to compete with anyone. ‘Fun climb’ category will be a little cheaper as you don’t get a festival booket and prize.
Registration Saturday morning, just before you climb. During KKBF2019, we had a registration Friday night and those who decided to skip that missed a lot of essential information they need to know to climb at Zoolander.
– Effective way to indentify a boulder. We will continue to use 27crags to po, but we will definely put a sign near/on the boulder to let you know which boulder you are climbing on.
– Just one comp catagory. No more ‘semi-pro’ nor ‘recreational’ with different grade to climb…. just one open competition. Simple and easy.
– More healthly food. We will add more green and fruit to our menu 🙂
– No more long and borring raffle. We will still have prize for the lucky one using ‘soi-dao’ which means you come catching a lucky star by yourself.
Live music. It’s a festival y’all. We’ll get you the best live singer from Khon Kaen city to sing for us at KKBF2020.


Saturday – 18 Jan, 2020
7:30 AM Meeting for KKBF transportation at Kosa Hotel. Song-Taew transportation depart Khon Kaen city. 
8:30 AM Mandatory festival meeting at the campground of Khon Kaen Zoo (see photo below). Introduction of Zoolander bouldering area, 27crags topo, rules of competition and fun climb, and safety. Pick up crash pads.

*Please let us know if you are planning to arrive late, we need to know that you are still planning to participate. No registration on the competition day, please.

Campground and a boulder in Khon Kaen Zoo, venue for KKBF2019.

10:00 AM  Bouldering competition starts at Central Park Station sector.  Our local climbers will guide you through the boulder field for an orientation and explanation of the area
12:00 PM Lunch will be delivered.  A lunch box is included in the registration fee and you can specify your dietary restrictions at the registration.
1:00 PM Back on the boulders to your ‘unfinished’ projects
4:00 PM Competition ends and the score cards will be collected.
4:30 PM Yoga for climbers by Judy.
Vegetarian-friendly dinner, prize presentation, camp fire and live music.
8:30 PM Song-taew depart from Khon Kaen zoo for those who made advanced booking of transportation.

Sunday – 19 Jan 2020 
7:30 AM Meeting for KKBF transportation at Kosa Hotel. Song-Taew transportation depart Khon Kaen city. 
8:00 AM Breakfast for sales at campground of Khon Kaen Zoo.
8:30 AM Meeting at the campground of Khon Kaen Zoo. Pick up crash pads.
9:30 AM Free-style fun climb / bouldering clinic / product demonstration / explore new lines / go to the waterpark / get a massage. Choose whatever you want
12:00 PM Lunch will be delivered. Location is yet to be decided.
4:00 PM Wrap up. Return crash pads to the campground. Closing.
4:30 PM The 2020 bouldering festival will end and depart for home from Khon Kaen Zoo (unless you decide to stay additional days to climb and establish your own lines, but this is not part of the festival ).


Climbing Categories
The festival registration fee is based on the following competition categories.
1.1 Open competition (Male/Female) — for climbers who want to challenge yourself to climb hard with a chance of winning awesome prize. We will provide festival booklet only to those who registers to this category.
1.2 Youth (combined gender) — for youth under 16 year-old who want to challenge yourself to climb hard with a chance of winning awesome prize. We will provide festival booklet only to those who registers to this category.
1.3 Fun climb — for any one who wants to climb and have fun and does not want to bother with map nor score card.

We also have ‘Observer‘ category for parents and your significant others who wish to join the festival but do not climb. Observer does not get to use topo nor crash pad.

The winner prizes have yet to be announced. We are working hard with our sponsors to find great prizes for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each winning-category. Our sponsors include Mad Rock,  Black Diamond, Klean Kanteen, Volume Climbing Gym, and more to come.

Registration fee
฿1500 for adults and ฿800 for youth.
Registration includes 2-day access to the zoo, food, access to topo, crash pad, and first aid response.

*Payment for the festival will be required in THB (฿) or USD ($), either by PayPal or direct fund transfer to our Siam Commercial Bank account in Thailand. Payment information will be sent to your email once you registered.
Part of your festival registration fee goes towards KKCC climbing development fund to promote climbing and outdoor activities in the Northeastern Thailand.

*Pre-registered participant will get a ticket with your name on to use as a 2-day pass to enter the zoo without any further payment require.  We don’t have registration at the venue policy. 


As mentioned, we will only provide transportation from Kosa Hotel to the zoo and back during 18-19 Jan 2020. Transportation cost ฿200 round trip. You can take our transportation for 2 days if you wish to stay in the city. You can also take it Saturday morning, stay at the zoo, and get back to the city Sunday evening.

The zoo is 45 min drive from the center of Khon Kaen city. If you wish to take your own transportation, more detail can be found below.

By public van
From Khon Kaen town, take Khon Kaen city bus*(see detail below) or taxi to Bus Terminal 3 to take a van going to Udonthani. The van leaves every hour or when full from 6:00 to 18:00. The fare is THB 84. Do make sure to ask the van driver to drop you off at Kao Suan Gwang intersection, where the zoo is located, otherwise you’ll end up in Udonthani. From the intersection, there will be a free pre-arranged songthaew to take you to the zoo.

By train
Take Khonkaen city bus or taxi to train station. There are 3 trains a day leaving for Kao Suan Kwang at 5:35 AM, 9:35 AM, and 7:17 PM. Bear in mind that this is the cheapest way of traveling (around THB11 each way) but also the most time consuming. When you arrive at Kao Suan Kwang station, look for a free pre-arranged Songthaew to take you to the zoo.

By private van / car
The average price for a van with a driver, fuel excluded is around THB 1,800-2,000 per day depending on negotiation. Car rental is around THB 1,200 per day. You can also rent a car from Khon Kaen airport.

*Khon Kaen city bus is a bus service running from the airport to and around Khon Kaen city with a real-time update on each running bus. The fare is only THB15  per ride or 99 bahts for a 3-day pass. Visit for more information. Don’t forget to download the “KKTransit” app as it gives you more information on timetable and routes.


The registration fee does not include accommodation. The registration on Jan 18 and festival party on Jan 19 will take place at the campground in Khon Kaen Zoo. We recommend you to stay at zoo campground to minimize your transportation time (and money). We offer lists of accommodation in the zoo at a fair prize. The campground offers log-style cabins, dorm rooms, and a camping with showers. Unfortunately no wifi is available but there is internet service and calling.  

  • The log-style cabin =  THB 800 for 2-3 person. Including hot shower, air conditioning, fridge, and TV. Cabin are first come first serve basis (sold out for KKBF2020). 


  • The hostel dorm room =  THB 250/ adult and THB150 for youth under 16. We will have 3 dorm: male, female, and mix. Ten beds/dorm room and all dorms has air condition.  So if you come in a group of 8-10, you could have the whole dorm for you group.
  • Camping with a zoo rental tent THB 400/ 2-pp tent, bring your own tent THB150/ 2-pp tent
    You can use the bath house or Water Park for shower.
  • Access to a Water Park is included in the registration fee. Water Park has 15 m slider and is open daily 10AM-6PM, so bring your swim suit!



Water Park in Khon Kaen Zoo (Photo by Big and Khon Kaen Zoo).

We recommend these hotels that support our climbing cummunities.

You can look for more options using or The registered participants are responsible to get to our meeting point at Kosa Hotel at 7:30 AM each day or to Khon Kaen Zoo on your own to join the festival. We can help provide contact information for van and car booking if needed. Please contact us for more info.



Every participant MUST fill in a waiver form in your arrival at Zoolander. Youth participants under 16 years old must have parental or adult legal guardian signatures on the form. Please remember that your safety is our priority, because of this we ask that you not to try highball problems that could endanger you or your spotters.  Any kind of serious injury could jeopardize access to climbing in Thailand, and we would not want to see you hurt. We will have a first-aid team and doctor on-site but please be aware of the dangers of climbing and know that you are climbing at your own risk.

Can’t wait to climb with you at the festival! Any question, please let us know.
Khon Kaen Climbing Club Team (Gavriel, Matt, Wan, Bon, Meta, Noonie, Opor, May, Puinune, Fredrick, and Joey)
Contact us: FB :: khonkaenclimbingclub
Tel: +66 62-167-8688 (Wan) / +66 91-056-4201(Gavriel)
We look forward to meeting and climbing with you!