Zoolander Bouldering Area

Zoolander bouldering area  is located in Khon Kaen Zoo (Kao Suan Kwang) on the north side 50 min drive from Khon Kaen City. The boulders are located on the top of the mountain far from other tourist attractions in the zoo. We can guarantee you won’t be climbing with tigers chasing you back 😀 There won’t be other general tourists watch you climbing like you are a monkey in the zoo neither.

You are required to pay an entry fee of THB 150 ea. to get into the zoo to climb. This entry fee includes access to animal viewing area and Water Park!

It’s about 50 min drive north from KK city.

From Khon Kaen city, drive north on Mirtraphap Road for 46 km. Aura Farm is big, you won’t miss it.

From Aura Farm, Head north on Mittraphap Road for another 4.2 km. You will see Khon Kaen Zoo sign on your right. Turn right into Phitakpracha alley, drive through the village market for 1.7 km, you will see Khao Suan Kwang Train Station. Turn left and continue for 750 m, then turn right crossing the train track and continue on the curvy road for 1.5 km. Turn right when you see “Wat Pa Khao Suan Kwang Tat Fah” (Temple), continue along the road for 1.4 km , then you will reach the front entrance of Khon Kaen Zoo (see map) below.

Boulders are sandstone. There are hundreds of boulder and every style of climbing, crimp, jug, slab, overhang, technical and powerful climbing. Some of boulders are new–never been touched nor climbed before. Loose holds are still there so you will have to be very careful and check out the descend before start climbing up! Please don’t try any highball or sketchy problem without checking the loose holds and thoroughly cleaning! Remember sandstone soaks up water when it rains, and it can be broken easily.

The boulder fields are surrounded by 3 km main road plus 9-km dirt road. We have been working intensively on developing and we now we have 8 established sectors and hundreds of climbable boulders.

We have cut the trail system pretty wellon the Power Station, Water Park, The Ridge, Ghost Tongue, Canyonland, and Jurassic Park. As in Apr 2018, there are more than 100 listed boulders and tons of lines to climb. If you have tools, you can cut weed and vines to develop new problems, avoid cutting big tree! Please communicate with us if you want to clean and try a new line.

Some boulders at Zoolander

Banyan Tree boulder, Power Station                   Great White boulder, Power Station

Jurassic Park                                                              Mia Noi boulder, Water Park

Tokay Inn boulder, Ghost Tongue                       Teddy Bear Hideout, Central Park