Where to stay?

In Khon Kaen city Both Zoolander and Si Chompu are in a driving distance for a day trip. If you want to stay in Khon Kaen city, you can carpool with us/rent a car/drive/taxi/van to climb. We highly recommend these hotels that support climbing activities:

  • Bussarakam hotel
  • Rachawadee  resort and hotel
  • Terminal hotel
  • Charm boutique resort
  • Chada Veranda hotel
  • Kosa hotel

If you want to carpool with us, we prefer picking you up along the Mitraphap road north side for the zoo and Maliwan west side for Si Chompu. We don’t do hotel pick up unless you hire us as a private guide for the day.

At Zoolander. It is  possible to stay at the campground and cabins at Zoolander in KK zoo.  KKCC does not own the zoo, so you will have to contact the zoo directly to book your stay. The log-style cabin is THB 700/night/ 3-4 pp including A/C, TV, fridge, and water heater, but no wifi. It’s basic but OK. Their tent is THB 400/night/2 pp including sleeping mat and sleeping bag. If you bring your own tent, it is 150 per night. Their campground has shower. You only have to pay the entry fee once on your first entry if you book your stay with the zoo. The rest, you just pay accomodation. Sometimes the zoo hosts a boy scout camp, and it take all the accommodations in the zoo. There is no online reservation! So call first!

Call (+66)-83-599-1959 (Pui) or send her Facebook message to check for availability and make a reservation at Zoolander. Some of the zoo staffs can speak English alright, or at least they told me so. Renting a motorbike at the zoo is also possible if you can communicate with the staff in advance.

If you don’t have your own vehicle and camp at the zoo, you can access to boulders in 4 areas by walking: Power Station, Water Park, The Ridge, and Campground. Other sectors are pretty far to walk from the camp ground.

*If necessary, like you fail to communicate to rent the cabin at the zoo due to language barrier. KKCC can help make reservation for you, contact us on our Facebook in advance.

Log-style Cabin at the zoo. Fit 2-4 climbers. Some of our climbers stayed there for 3 week consecutively. 

Near the zoo. You can also stay just outside the zoo in Khao Suan Kwang destrict and make a short commute (5 min) to go climbing. Accomodations outside the zoo is cheaper than in the zoo (300-400 THB/night). However, if you stay outside the zoo, you will still have to pay the zoo entry fee every day to go into the zoo to climb. Please note that the zoo is huge, so you will still need a motorbike/car to commute everyday. Here the list of accomodations near the zoo:
1. Baan Suan Tanicha (16°51’05.2″N 102°53’36.5″E) Located just  1 km outside the zoo. Quite and country. Basic but ok. 300-400 THB/night. A/C and TV are included. Call Tanakorn (082-849-7026) to make a reservation. Don’t expect agoda or any online booking. You are outside of the city in the rural Northeastern part of Thailand.


2. Well House Khao Suan Kwang. Located near the market and train station of Khao Suan Kwang, 4.4 km to the zoo. 400 THB/night. Clean and modern. Call 093-793-3700 or send Facebook message to make a reservation. ์They have pretty good review on google.

In short, if you have your vehicles and love to see the city & party at night, stay in KK city. If you want solitude (no wifi) and close to the boulders, stay at the zoo.

At Si Chompu Sport climbing area. There is no accommodation in a walking distance of the wall. You will need a car/truck to drive around the area and to access the wall. Phu Pha Man National Park or Pha Nok Khao De Loei are the nearest accommodation we can find. There are a couple places in Phu Kradung as well. Covert Crag and Shangri-La are not easy to find. You will have to drive through villages and sugarcane field. You may want to contact us (Matt) in advance in case you want to go there.