Where to eat?


You can buy your lunch box any where on the way and eat in the boulder field. Just pack your trash out. The zoo also has 2 canteens, one at the parking lot near tourist welcome center and animal area and the other one in the Water Park. Both places will be closed ~ 5 PM. I tried noodles at the animal area and it’s decent. THB 45-50 per meal. There are shops at animal area and Water Park. You can get water, coffee, cold drink, snacks, ice-cream, souvenir, etc.

Signature dish = Khoa Suan Kwang Grill Chicken, typically eat with sticky rice and spicy dipping. It’s sold at side road food stalls along the way to the zoo, and at the canteens in the zoo.

*It is not easy to find vegetarian option inside the zoo. We suggest you buy your own food outside the zoo.

Getting food  at the zoo food court.     Climbers from Philippines enjoy signature grilled chicken.

Khon Kaen City

If you stay in the City, there will be tons of restaurants, bars, and all kind of entertainments at night. North eastern Thailand specialty is papaya salad… along with other spicy stuff.

If you want to feel the urban vibe of Khon Kaen. The walking street market is every Saturday. We also highly recommend Ton Tann Market for dinner. This market opens daily in the evening-night. See https://www.wongnai.com/articles/tontann-market-khonkaen. There are pretty much everything you can eat, drink, shop, music, and hang out. We always bring climbers there when we have a big group visit.

Group of international climbers at Ton Tann Market.

Si Chompu Sport Climbing

Sadly the wall is kinda in the middle of no where. Consider buying your lunch box from 7-11 or other places to eat at the crag. There is one small convenience store before you turn into a dirt road.