What is Khon Kaen Climbing Club?

We are a group of climbers who live in Khon Kaen and we formed this group aiming to enlarge the climbing community in Khon Kaen. We all work voluntarily, including exploring rock to climb, cutting trails, developing boulder problems, bolting sport routes, making map and topo, hosting the bouldering festival, and facilitating all climbing activities in KK.

We want Khon Kaen locals to know that Zoolander is the largest and best boulder field of Thailand and it attracts climbers from all over the world. Also, the wall at Dong Lan forest has a potential to be developed as a great sport climbing area. However, as climbing is not a well-known sport in Thailand, local Khon Kaen people does not realize the potential of their own province. Climbing areas could be developed  to bring more tourist to the area.

The main members of KKCC who live in Khon Kaen are listed below.

Gavriel J. The original developer of  climbing in Khon Kaen with more than 30 years climbing experience in Europe and USA.

Matthew F. Our bolting expert from USA. Matt is in charge of and bolting in Si Chompu.

Apisit R (Bon). Bon and Wan started climbing during 5 years living in the US and when they moved to KK, they still want to climb.

Panitan J (Wan). Club and marketing manager. Manage KKCC facebook page, festival registration, equipment rental, marketing, event manager, and other administration stuff of the club in general.

Meta L. (Ton) Local  Khon Kaen. Climbing schedule is flexible.

New generation of KKCC: Opor, May, Nune, Sun– These are local KK people who contribute to the developing of climbing in KK. They normally climb on weekend with Wan.

Pierre E. Used to live in KK, but sadly he has moved to Krabi.

International Members: We have Joey (USA), Mark (UK), and Fredrik (Finnland). These people travel to Thailand every year and stay for 1-3 months to help us develop climbing area in Khon Kaen.

Exploration and trail development at Zoolander.             Matt collects trash at the boulder.

Wan and May clean boulders to develop route.

Gavriel put in bolt for a sport route.                       Wan, Gavriel, and Pierre work during the festival.