Safety Issue

We would like to keep our access in climbing areas, so please be careful when you climb. We don’t want any bad injury that will flash in the front page and raise questions! Climb at your own risk.


Sign the waiver at the front entrance. We avoid climbing in general tourist area, because some non-climber tourists might have a wrong idea about bouldering and try to jump on without proper safety. We don’t want kids to break their ankles… then we lose access to climb. Always have spotter(s). Avoid any highball /sketchy problems as new rocks can be loose. Pick a climb that suits the skill level of you and your group to minimize the possibility of injury and need of rescue. Consult Khon Kaen Climbing Club if you are new to climbing.

The nearest hospital is Kao Suan Kwang Hospital, locating at 198 Mittraphap Road Tambon Kham Muang, Amphoe Khao Suan Kwang, Chang Wat Khon Kaen 40280, Tel +66 – 43 326 473. 12 min drive from the zoo.

The zoo staff who is in charge of the area is Mr. Ton, Tel +66 82 191 7251. Zoo admin, Tel +66 86-4556341.

Zoolander to Khoa Suan Kwang hospital

Si Chompu Sport Climbing

For sport climbing, use appropriate equipment that has been thoroughly checked before the climb. Belayer should wear helmet and be careful of lose rock. 

Sadly the wall is kinda in the middle of nowhere. Climb at your own risk. Ban Boribun Health Center is about 20 min away, and it’s just a small village health center. Any serious injury should be taken to Chumpae hospital (45 min away).

Si Chompu to Chumpae hospital.