Equipment Rental

KKCC have all the climbing equipment you need for rent with a fair budget. However, we are a small club with small stock, we would appreciate if you need us know in advance if you want to come and rent our gear. For a full detail of equipment rental rate, please check ‘Service and Price list’.

For Zoolander bouldering are

Carpool = 300 ea. Crash pad = 200/pad/day. Climbing shoes = 100/pair/day. You are required to put a deposit on crash pads and shoes, THB 1000 ea. We will return your deposit and shoes in full amount when you return our gear in good condition.

KKCC has a small storage room that we store some (not all) crash pads at Zoolander Bouldering Area in Khon Kaen Zoo. Please contact us 1 week in advance if you want to rent our crash pads. We also have climbing shoes for rent, but pick up shoes from Wan’s house in KK city. We have limited shoes size and we don’t store shoes at the zoo. Please contact us in advance if you want to rent our shoes. You can either pick up the pads from us in KK city or schedule pad pick up/drop at our storage in the zoo.

For sport climbing at DonLan Forest, Si Chompu

Carpool = 500 ea. Rope = 500/day. Quick draws = THB 300/set. You’ll have to pick up and return them at one of our place in KK city.

All profit from gear rental and climbing courses will go to our climbing development fund to develop  bouldering area and sport climbing routes in Khon Kaen.

Our rental shoes and crash pads.

Our storage at Zoolander and at Wan’s place in KK city.