Is there any climbing in Khon Kaen?

Yes, there are! There are two main types of climbing that can be performed in Khon Kaen: bouldering and climbing with rope (sport/top rope climbing).

1. For bouldering, we climb on boulder (big rock, 2-7 meter-high) and use crash pad to support you when you fall. Khon Kaen has the largest sandstone boulder field in Thailand, if not in South East Asia. We boulder weekly at Zoolander Bouldering Area located in Khon Kaen Zoo, 45 min drive from downtown KK. The grade ranges from V0 for beginners up to V11 for hard core climbers. Developing of Zoolander started in nov 2017, and so far we found more than 300 climbable boulders in 1200 Acre area.

Aerial view of boulders in Zoolander.

We used to boulder at Hin Chang Si, Nam Pong National Park. Recently climbing was banned in the National Park. We received negative feedback from National Park officials in Bangkok as they don’t recognize climbing as a sport. As in other places in Thailand, the issue of access has always been a thorny issue. In Hin Chang Si, this issue is made worse by the fact that it is located in an area designated as a National Park. We recommend tourists to NO LONGER CLIMB at Hin Chang Si so as to not endanger overall access to the area. Gaining legal access will be impossible if tourists keep coming and violate the authorities to climb there. Until we gain the legal access, boulders in Nam Phong National Park is off limits.

2. For sport climbing, we bolt and climb at Dong Lan forest, Amper Si Chompu, 2-hour drive from downtown Khon Kaen. We are developing new route and putting more bolts in to make this area the first sport climbing area of the North Eastern. The routes we developed are in the range of 25-35 meters. The mountains raise more than 100-meter-high, but we are out of fund to bolt. As in Apr 2018, we have 8 established routes, range from 5c to 7a.

Our climber climbs at Covert Crag, Dong Lan forest area.