Access Issue

Zoolander Bouldering Area

We have been working closely with the zoo director and staffs, and we are authorized to develop and climb boulders in the zoo. We are proud to say that climbing is one of the recognized activities in the zoo. Just make sure you use proper safety equipments and climb at your own risk. We don’t climb at general tourist attractions, but in the wood on the top of the mountain. Climb safe and leave no trace.

The zoo entry fee is THB 150 ea. To climb,You will have to sign a waiver form at the entrance when you pay the entry fee.

DO NOT bring pets of any kind Into the Zoo. Do not drink alcohol of all kinds. Do not smoke inside the zoo. Violator is subjected to a fine maximum of THB 2,000.

The zoo is open daily from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. The entry This fee includes other awesome amenities in the zoo area like clean restrooms, restaurants and shops, animals viewing, and access to the Water Park! So you can jump in the water after the climbing in tropical heat! We also have a trailhead  sign at Power Station sector (most popular one), for other sector we use cairns as trailhead marker. We are working to put more trailhead signs in the area.

‘Climbing Zone’ sign at a front entrance        Power Station Trailhead

Climbing day pass THB 150 (include animal viewing and Water Park)

Approach and parking are different among sectors. Typically, boulders in every sector are less than 10 min walk. The trail is marked by cairns. Trail is cut pretty well in winter 2017, but vegetation possibly grow back in some sectors. Power Station: park on the opposite side of the trail. Other sectors, park around trailhead considerately.

KKCC has been working to develop trails to keep access to Zoolander bouldering area.

Si Chompu Sport Climbing

Si Chompu climbing area can be access for free. You can find more detail about how to get there on Some of the area is close to the temple so please be considerate and respect the locals. The mountains are on the dirt road and the road condition change every season. High clearance vehicles are recommended, especially in rainy season.

We don’t have that many climbers going to the area. After a while vegetation grow and you will probably require some tools to get access to the base of the wall. Bushwhack may necessary. It requires some effort, but the climb is worthy.

Shangri-La is located behind a sugarcane field. We strongly recommend you to avoid rainy season when farmer are planting their sugarcane since they spray pesticide all over. Sugarcane is also extremely itchy…  believe me you don’t want to bushwhack through them.

*Covert Crag and Shangri-La are not easy to find. You will have to drive through villages and sugarcane field. You may want to contact us (Matt) in advance in case you want to go there.

Dirt road to Covert Crag and Shangri-La walls.

Wan and Matt with tools trying to access Shangri-La and Covert Crag.

Gavriel and Matt hiking to the wall near Pha Nam Thieng Temple.

Hin Chang Si, Nam Phong National Park

It is worth to mention that KKCC started developing bouldering in Khon Kaen 7 years ago at Hin Chang Si, Nam Phong National Park. It became one of the climbing destination in Thailand. We even host Khon Kaen bouldering festival in 2017, which is a great success with more than hundreds of climbers from all over the world joined us. However, we received negative feedback from National Park officials in Bangkok. As in other places in Thailand, the issue of access has always been a thorny issue. The NP blame climbers for destroying the rock surface and cutting vegetation at boulder base. They put ‘No Climbing’ sign at every trailhead. After they kicked us out, they decide to build a metal/wood bridge on top of boulders to develop the place for general tourist. We are speechless.

We recommend tourists to NO LONGER CLIMB at Hin Chang Si. If you violate the law, you might get fined from national park officers. We did.

‘No climbing’ sign at climbing trailheads.

Hin Chang Si as before…

Hin Chang Si as it is now. We got no words.