Great visit

Alejandro: Mexico – I landed in Bangkok at 12pm and as I soon as I got off the plane I said to myself, “How the hell can anyone boulder in this heat? I should’ve gone to Joshua Tree.” It was January 20th and the temperature read 98 Fahrenheit. I was covered in sweat, from head to toes. I began to have serious doubts about choosing Thailand for a bouldering trip, but I was somewhat confident that Khon Kaen, located in northeast Thailand, would have cooler temps. Or at least that’s what local developers Gavriel Pierre and Matt had mentioned in a series of emails that somehow convinced me to skip the overcrowded crags of Tonsai and Railay. “Best sandstone bouldering in Asia,” “cheap food and accommodation,” and “no tourists,” they claimed. In a country where it rains half the year, temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees, and backpackers crowd every corner of the country, this seemed to me like an overstatement. I was, however, to be proven wrong.